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Vanessa Decker – The Cove

Filmed on location in beautiful sun-kissed Mallorca, “The Cove” finds sexy Vanessa Decker and her lover Ricky sidestepping their oceanic tomfoolery to concentrate on satisfying the overwhelming sexual urges they feel for each other. They lock lips and Ricky’s hands roam over Vanessa’s gorgeous big breasts. The brunette stunner lies back on the rocks, sucks on her erect nipples, slips a hand inside her bikini briefs and starts diddling her big, puffy clit. Still partly submerged in the water, Ricky joins in, thrusting his fingers into Vanessa’s slippery slot, and lapping voraciously with his tongue. Vanessa arches her body and readily accepting every thrust and lick, panting with pleasure. Vanessa frees Ricky’s huge cock from his shorts and applies a hot mix of hand jerks and sucking to the entire length of its throbbing shaft, before spinning around and impaling her pussy on it, sliding all the way down the shaft until her pussy lips rest on Ricky’s balls – then she starts to grind slowly. Their mutual pleasure builds audibly as Vanessa’s heavy breasts bounce in synch with Ricky’s cock thrusts, until her entire body starts quivering uncontrollably as her orgasm reaches boiling point. Vanessa leads Ricky into deeper water. He lies on his back and his erect prick breaks the surface like a submarine periscope. Vanessa wraps her cock-hungry lips around it and sucks hard, flicking her tongue on and around the glans, looking up into Ricky’s face to feed on his ecstatic expression. Floating back into the shallows, Vanessa straddles Ricky and guides his cock into her pussy, gasping as his hardness slips inside her to the hilt. Vanessa cowgirl rides his cock with wild abandon; she reaches climax first and dismounts, jerking Ricky to a sticky finish. The deep-tanned lovers kiss and swim away from “The Cove” and out to sea as the sun sets, their idyllic coupling culminated.

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