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Muirina Fae in Late Morning Lounge

It’s easy to fall for Canadian model, Muirina Fae. Once you get a look at her long brown, perfect spiral curls, her dazzling white smile, and her slender, yet curvy physique it’s nearly impossible not to be entranced by all her natural beauty. Completely and wonderfully effortless, Muirina spends her morning barely dressed as she takes in the sights and sunlight from her highrise balcony. She’s loving the hot sun coming in from the windows, the green plants surrounding her and the fresh air as she steps outside. She’s half-dressed in nothing but black lingerie and a white button up. Soon enough, Miss Fae turns about playfully in a leather swivel chair, daydreaming the morning away as she gazes deep into photographer, Cassandra Keyes’ lens as if she’d like some company. Her daydreaming only gets the best of her as she quickly undresses so all parts of her body can feel the hot sun, for ultimate relaxation. Lounge around with this gorgeous goddess, right here, only on Playboy Plus.


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