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Maja B – Table Dance

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Sexy, slender Maja B sits on the desk, covering her naturally beautiful body in oil, her hair up in a tight bun on top of her head, the light shining off her flawless skin. She lies back, naked, waiting, then the music starts and she bursts into life, springing up and opening her thighs, her shaved pussy so alluring between strong, slim thighs, gyrating and grinding to the beat. She flexes her supple body, turning onto hands and knees, her fine round ass slick with oil, cheeks open, pussy glistening. A sheen of oil spreads across the table, Maja’s knees slipping and sliding, her legs falling open, her pussy wet with oil, gliding over the surface. Her hair comes free, tumbling over her shoulders; she lies on her back and opens and closes her legs, her pussy always on show.

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