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Carla & Melissa Howe in Playful Brawl

British beauties Carla and Melissa Howe are twice the fun in this double-feature set from photographer Holly Randall. There’s nothing like a set of twins, and with dark brown hair, brown eyes and enviable natural curves, Carla and Melissa are two of a kind. All set up on the bed, dressed in pale, delicate lace, the girls decide to have a good-natured little pillow fight – but before you know it, their bras and panties are on the floor, and they’re wearing nothing but feathers and a pair of rather mischievous grins. “Our shoot today was a ton of fun,” says Melissa. “We had a pillow fight and got some aggression out on each other.” Carla laughs in agreement. “It did get a bit messy,” she says. “There were feathers all over the place. I play to win!” With the Howe twins, we think it’s safe to say that everyone wins.

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