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Anna Rose & Kira Z – Sonata

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As Andrej Lupin’s “Sonata” commences in sweet domestic harmony, Kira awakens to find her girlfriend Anna Rose working on her music. She distracts her with a tender kiss, leading her back to bed where their embrace grows more heated and they stroke their stiff nipples together teasingly. Kira kisses her way down to Anna Rose’s pussy and licks her fervently, easing a couple of fingers inside as she laps at her clit. Kira straddles Anna Rose’s face, rocking her panty-clad crotch over her lover’s mouth before tugging the damp fabric aside, her hips juddering as she rides out the powerful sensations. Anna goes face down, ass up, stroking her own clit as Kira fingerbangs her from behind, making her come hard. It takes a moment for her to catch her breath, and then she returns Kira’s kiss with renewed passion, gazes wickedly into her eyes and goes down to eat and frig her again, Kira’s cries of pleasure building to a crescendo and her spine arching up off the bed as she orgasms. “Sonata” is a moving portrayal of the sweet music two beautiful women can make together.

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