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Anastazia & Anie Darling – One Day In HotYlek Part 5

Brunette cutie Anie Darling found an escort’s calling card in her cheating husband’s pocket, and now she’s arranged a little fun of her own. As the final episode of Andrej Lupin’s inventive and stimulating series “One Day In HotYlek” begins, call girl Anastazia knocks on the door of the hotel room where Anie is waiting nervously. After some tense discussions, Anie allows Anastazia to throw her down on the bed and undress them both. The conflicted wife soon thaws out as the call girl kisses her and starts to finger her shaved pussy. Anastazia doesn’t hold back, diddling Anie vigorously as she licks her clit; Anie moans delightedly, hips bucking as she rides the waves of pleasure. Anastazia grabs Anie’s hand and guides it to her own pussy, getting her client to fondle her folds, then turns her over and spanks her ass, spreading her cheeks and stuffing her fingers back inside her. She fucks Anie hard and deep, making her cum with astonishing force. Now Anie’s ready to eat pussy, Anastazia humping her face and grinding on her mouth, using her tongue to get herself off. As Anastazia dresses and leaves, having got the money and her orgasm, Anie looks a little contrite… Be sure to watch the end credits for the story’s conclusion, and a cameo from the director himself!

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